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Absorbine Linament 

Soothing relief of temporary muscle soreness with natural herbs and oils.
Bannix Hoof and Wound Care 
Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and non-irritating is a specially formulated solution for the care of wound and hoof problems.
Bannix helps wounds heal naturally. Also treats hoof abscesses, thrush, white line disease. We have used it on the farm and have been amazed at its effectiveness, especially on deep cuts and punture wounds.
Quick effective, steroid-free, does not burn or sting.
Visit www.bannix.com for detailed description, uses, and formula.

Betadine Surgical Scrub 

Disinfectant/detergent, cleans site and hands.Also use for cleaning and treatment of bacterial and funcal skin infections.
Bronco Fly Spray 
With citronella. Controls house, horse, horn, stable, and deer flies, mosquitoes and gnats on horses. Also kills fleas and ticks on dogs and cats.
Crusader Fly Mask 

Cashel's Crusader Fly Mask in Standard and Long Sizes. Rated #1 in fly protection. Other sizes such as Arab, Yearling, etc. are available. Please call or email.
Crusader Fly Mask - Pink 
Cashel's Crusader Fly Mask, Number 1 selling fly mask comes in PINK. Cashel will give back 4% of the proceeds from every pink trimmed fly mask purchased to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, aiding in the fight for our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. It comes in Standard and Long lengths.
Crusader Fly Mask with Ears 

Cashel Crusader Fly Mask with Ears. The same are the regular fly masks. Also available in Arab, Yearling, etc. Please call or email.
Crusader Fly Mask with Ears-Pink 
Cashel's #1 selling and durable Crusader Fly Mask with Ears in PINK. Cashel will give back 5% of the proceeds from every pink fly mask purchased to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, aiding in the fight for our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.

High purity Dimethyl Sulfoxide. Solvent commonly used for inflammation or muscle soreness.
Endure Fly Spray 
Endure Fly Spray by Farnam. Hey! THIS STUFF WORKS! We use it on the horses at the farm. Sweat resistant which stays on and keeps working even in wet conditions. The only fly spray with RepeLock. Protects against flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks and lice. Repels and kills deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease. Contains cypermethrin and pyrethrins. Also contains sunscreen to protect your horse's coat.

We all expect fly spray to work for a few horses, maybe even through the day. Endure works even through rain. Our brood mares soak their huge bellies in the lake and the Endure keeps working when they come out.

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Sale Items!  
World Class Equine durable and heavy duty bags. Buy in the combo set and save.
You get a Bridle Bag, Brush Bag, Bandage Bag, Boot Bag, Helmet Bag and Garment Bag for $209. Regular price per item is $232.70. Black, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Burgundy.
Cotton Gripper Gloves 
SSG Rubber dot palm for better grip on reins. Rein reinforcement, elastic wrist with velcro fastener. Great schooling glove.
Black Only.
ON SALE $3.00.
Deo Gel Fly Control 
Pharmaka's Deo Gel gives the horse additional protection on areas where insects are especially pesky. Its gel formula adheres to the skin and coat all day for ultimate protection. We use it at the farm especially around the ears and face where the flies are especially irritating. Easy to use, especially on the foals' faces who are sensitive to flies. They don't mind the sponge. Sponge is included for easy application.
Regular 24.95. ON SALE 19.95
Lexol Leather Conditioner 
Regular price 18.95. SALE 12.95
Lexol PH Cleaner 
Cleans and restores all kinds of leather. Regular price 18.95. SALE 9.95
Best Sellers
Written by Linda L. Allen, course designer, judge and clinician. Spiral bound book includes exercise diagrams, reminders and advice on how to ride 101 different courses. Suitable for novice riders, trainers, instructors, and experienced competition riders. $29.95
Sporty Sit-Tite Spray
By Pharmaka. Helps keep thighs still and stops leather slipping. Will not smear. Stay more relaxed in the saddle and sit deeper.
Pretied Stock Tie Bib - White Cotton Poplin with Piping
Pretied bib is elegant and subtle which has traditional knot and tie on a dickey that velcros at the neck and ties at the waist to keep it in place. Fabric is full bodied poly cotton poplin with a smoothe finish that needs little or no ironing. Small black piping is sewn on the loop of the tie and the tie itself.
Battery for All Eventing Watches
Batteries for the Optimum Eventing Watch. The watches come in 2 different types: 4 screws on the back and 8 screws on the back. Same price, just make sure which watch you have. The battery for the new Colored Eventing Watch are the same.

New Products
Red Line Reins by Charles Owen
Made popular on racetracks because of their greater strength, these reins are now gaining popularity with Eventers for the same reasons. NO hardware at the front, these reins loop around the bit directly for added security.
Developed by racing professionals, these reinforced reins help for safer riding. Patented design eliminate the common problems of buckled reins. Strength has been tested at Western Kentucky University and found to be able to support the weight of an average horse, remaining intact for a further 80% load. Over twice as much as the typical rein, having all the normal safety release features in the event of the rein being wrapped around a horse's leg.

As soon as we get them in, they are gone! The newest rein developed in many years. Remember if it hasn't got a red line, it isn't a Red Line Rein. Made in Kentucky.
Cool Medics V-Neck Riding Vest
Cool Medics has a line of cooling items, making this summer's heat bearable for both you and your horse. Vests can be worn under your coat or without for the day the judge says 'drop your coats'. Either way you are cool, calm and collected!

To activate, simply soak in water for 1 to 2 minutes. Cooling can last up to 6 hours, depending on conditions. To recharge again, immerse in water to restart the cooling process.

The V Neck Riding Vest has an open neck line, zipper front with panel shaping at the waist and center back. Hip length and shorter in front, so as not to limited the rider's movement.
Cool Medics Cropped Vest
Cool Medics Cropped Vest will conceal under jacket or shadbelly.

See V-Neck Riding Vest for features in this section.
Cool Medics Unisex Vest
Cool Medics Unisex Riding Vest has Velcro front with adjustable Velcro back tabs.

See V- Neck Riding Vest in this section for specifications.
Cool Medics Neck Cooler
Cool Medics Neck Cooler will reduce inflammation. Adjustable velcro closure. One size.

See V-Neck Riding Vest in this section for specifications and directions.

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